Bettina von Oesterreich

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Bettina von Oesterreich

Bettina von Oesterreich

Bettina von Oesterreich is founder of BVO Consult GmbH with offices in Hamburg and Frankfurt. For more than ten years she runs and shapes BVOs business as CEO and Managing Partner.

Bettina von Oesterreich made BVO to become an internationally respected brand in the world of financial advisory.

What makes BVO so unique is the special approach Bettina von Oesterreich follows in her consultancy:

On one hand there is her long term track record in the financial industry where she held non-executive and executive positions for more than 3 decades. For many years she was Member of the Executive Board of internationally listed banks in Europe and the US.

On the other hand experience is helpful but does not do the trick alone in an environment that is changing ever faster. This is why BVO has an environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, innovation, technical progress and diversity.

As a mother of a teenager it is not a surprise that  environmental, social and governance (ESG) were on Bettinas radar long before such themes got into fashion on a broad front.

Initially the nucleus of her portfolio was Risk Management but meanwhile Bettina von Oesterreich offers her customers business intelligence that brings them to the next level.

Repositioning, M&A – Divestiture and New Equity are part of BVO’s range today.

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