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Rock our Comfort Zone.
Yes, Please!

Ambitious, curious, tech savvy, target-oriented out-of-the-box-thinkers. That’s all we are looking for in further shaping our growing team. In a nutshell: We are hiring talents who perfectly combine unorthodox thinking and utmost focus on delivering results.

Seemingly the same like everywhere else in the market? Not quite! For sure you need to have professional skills that match or enhance our competencies and our portfolio. Millennials, technology driven, used to handle big data scientifically are welcome. With ESG-spirit in your veins the match with BVO is highly likely.

Yet skills do not mean life-long experience. There is something way more important: You feel that with all your professional qualification and with your soft skills you want to breathe and practically live BVOs mission. For Latin lovers: This is the condition sine qua non for entering our world.

If so, convince us that joining us is the perfect fit to BVOs DNA, thus bringing our customers to the next level – regardless whether you are interested in an internship or want to join as a senior expert (m/f/d) on the job.

We are fully aware that strong, open-minded characters are challenging, sometimes exhausting and will once in a while…

…rock our comfort zone. Yes, please!

Your next Level

In finance advisory we are rather a luxury boutique than a department store. In line with this mindset we are deliberately slim with no large administration. 

The advertised benefits of large organizations are regularly a mingle-mangle of therapies after having accepted that the patient has fallen ill. Taking care for your work-life-balance is an absolutely sympathetic thought. We at BVO share it, we just make sure it isn’t disturbed at any time.

Fresh fruit and coffee you will find at BVO as well. This comes on top of state-of-the-art working environment, open direct communication and career opportunities – not instead.

Being slim team-building is no calendar event but takes place permanently. It is built in in BVOs business concept. Same applies to career and salary planning and all the usual suspects summarized under labels like package or fringe benefits. We treasure outperformance and reward it – with outperformance.

At the end of the day we encourage you to reach your next level at BVO and its approach to serve a unique clientele. Be proud about the smile you put on the face of really demanding truly international customers. Enjoy it – and we are looking forward to celebrate the steps to…

…your next levels

Your entry Ticket to BVO

As an expert you perfectly know the admission points to a career in financial advisory and how to file an appropriate application.

Easy, all DIY: You spend hours registering at the applicants form of your target companies. You become part of their anonymous talent warehouse. Your CV and references have to be included, cover letter not necessary. Feedback after your registration comes with a definite maybe, job as well. HR ruled by algorithms.

Not surprisingly BVO is different. No link to our talent warehouse because we have none. We cherish your application and respect you as a person, regardless whether or not our professional ways will cross.

Therefore, the first step is your cover letter or another document format that creates this irresistible wow-this-person-must-become-part-of-innovate-finance-feeling at our end.

Now it’s our turn. As you have already told a lot about you we feel it is a matter of fairness to now tell you personally a lot more about BVO. At this stage there is also enough time for you to guide us through your CV and references. Plus, you can show us you are native or fluent in English.

And now, at this stage? Both – you and we – can take a decision. There is no need for further interviews with the business unit director here and there. All decision-takers have the same set of information and impressions. This is the way to…

…your entry-ticket to BVO.


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